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New Jersey’s Paid Sick Leave Act takes effect on October 29, 2018. Is your New Jersey based business ready?

The Act, which requires that every employer shall provide earned sick leave to each employee working for the employer in New Jersey. The Act also establishes the manner in which such sick leave shall be accrued or advanced, used, paid, paid out, and carried over. All New Jersey employers should review and make certain their paid time off policies comply with the Act’s requirements prior to October 29, 2018.

A high-level overview of the Act includes:

  • Employees may accrue one hour of sick leave time per 30 hours worked with a cap of 40 hours per year.
  • Employees are to be paid at their regular rate of pay for earned sick leave.
  • Employers are required to keep records of hours worked and earned sick leave time used by each employee for five years.
  • Employers are required to post a notice in the workplace of employee’s rights under the Act.

To read the complete Act, please visit

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